3-Dimensional Artificial Plant Walls instantly create a stunning impact in any area.
Our high quality range makes Artificial Plants ideal for internal & external application.


Custom Artificial Plant Wall Designs

Artificial Plant Wall Panels are designed to suit many project concepts. Our high quality 3D Artificial plant panels instantly transforms your space into a beautiful vertical garden.

We design, supply & install each Artificial Plant Wall according to your project requirements.

Contact us to discuss Plant Wall design options for your project. 

Zero Maintenance

Installing a zero maintenance Artificial plant wall gives you the intended 'green wall' outcome without any additional care. Whether inside or out, Artificial Plants do not need to be looked after at all, once they have been installed.

Add Signage to Artificial Plant Walls

Artificial Plant Walls help you create maximum branding impact. Signage can be easily added to the Artificial Plant Wall or we can install the panels around your existing signage to refresh current branding.

Instant 3-Dimensional Impact

Each Artificial Plant Panel is made up of various plant species to create variation and give the perception of a natural Living Wall. Once we install your Artificial Plants, the space is immediately transformed into a luscious green garden.

Our clients are provided with a unique maintenance schedule, dependant upon their living wall’s specific requirements, and the customer’s requisites and timetable.

Internal & External Application

Think cafes, office spaces, retail outlets, display suites, hotels and the likes. Our high quality Artificial Plant Panels are designed to suit almost any area. This means the options are endless when it comes to adding greenery in your space.

Highly Customisable Design options

We help you create a completely unique design with our large range of quality Artificial Plant options. Why not incorporate Ivy Climbers to separate work areas, or add Artificial Plant Panels to transform offices into inviting collaboration areas?

Artificial Plant Wall Options

Looking for something else? Contact us to discuss our full range of Artificial Plants and Plant Panels.

Our wide range of quality Artificial Plant Wall panels ensures you can incorporate greenery in every project.(Hover over each Plant Panel below for the product name).

Customise your Project.

Talk to our team about your design vision, and we will assist with a range of options. Smaller Artificial Plants are shown below - if you are after something else, just ask us.

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Be aware our Living Walls and Moss Art do have a lot of additional benefits that an Artificial Plant Wall can't provide.

If you need help trying to decide which Green Wall option suits your space and your budget, chat to our team.