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Moss Art is a creative, versatile and unique way to transform your home or office with life and colour..

  • MossArt is a 100% natural product, preserved in a natural mineral that stops it from growing
  • Requires 'zero-maintenance' because the preservation process makes the Moss Art growth properties dormant
  • Our MossArt has no need for water, light or trimming - once installed, you don't need to do anything
  • Absorbs dust fibres from its surface, like a sponge, keeping the Moss vibrant and retaining its colour
  • Capable of purifying air and controlling sound, as these properties of the MossArt are retained in the preservation process
  • Fire rated for some conditions
  • Suitable for indoor use only

Custom Designed Wall Art

With over 20 different colour options, moss can be dyed and sculpted to suit your exact design requirements. From lush greens to realistic deep hues, your moss art is sure to make an impact and provide a conversation piece for your friends and clients.

Stunning Hues

Any size of of Moss Art is quick and easy to install thanks to our highly-customisable and practicals design. Moss Art requires no power source, water, light or drainage, and is suitable to be installed on almost any interior wall.

No Maintenance

Moss Art is created from preserved moss, thus once it is installed it will not require any further maintenance including watering and clipping. Contact us today for more information on how to start the process of commissioning your own unique Moss Art.

Our clients are provided with a unique maintenance schedule, dependant upon their living wall’s specific requirements, and the customer’s requisites and timetable.

Inspiration Gallery

Browse our gallery of living wall projects installed with the same proven system from around the world. Contact our team to discuss ways we can customise the design of your Live Plant Wall, and select plant species to suit your design brief.

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Moss Art Colour Options

If you are looking for another colour, please contact our team to discuss custom options. Combine Moss Art Colours. Enhance your Brand. Create a Unique Design.

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