Ever struggle to come up with an answer when your client wants greenery, but then stress their concern about maintenance and water?

These conflicting demands make it hard for you and for them.

We have a solution that answers everything – Moss Art.
Moss is unique design element that allows you to include touches of nature to the space without needing water or maintenance.

Whether your project design brief has hints of greenery, or is a complete concept focussed around nature as a core element; our Moss Art is ideal. We stock a range of colours giving you the ability to create unique designs with the Moss.

Check out our completed moss projects.

So how does Moss tick the ‘Green’ box?

Moss has been preserved with a natural mineral in its original state. This means that not only is Moss an incredibly unique design element that can be used as a powerful branding tool, but it has a heap of functional benefits.
The moss has been proven to reduce presence of air pollutants in a space by absorbing foreign air particles. Also, rodent insects are unable to make a habitat in the moss due to its neutral state.
Since moss is preserved, this means it doesn’t need to be watered or cared for in any way. It doesn’t require lighting as it doesn’t grow. Think of Moss as similar to a Taxidermy animal – it’s real, but preserved.
Moss has low thermal conductivity, excelling in energy saving and temperature control.

Now you have it – greenery without the water.

For more information about using Moss in your projects you can email or phone our team. Feel free to request a copy of our Moss Product Guide too.