In today's fast paced society, the move towards sustainable work trends, focus on staff retention and increased open office collaboration demands your attention to implementing workplace practices and ethic that address these trends - the answer? Nature.

Bringing nature back into architecture is the crucial determinant of staff productivity, satisfaction and health. Office greenery becomes vital to the ongoing success of an organisation and should be high on the list of 'need-to-haves' for your new and revamped spaces. After all, our people are the 'drivers' of our company & its culture, without the right 'fuel' from nature, your staff and targets go nowhere.

So how do we get the balance between productivity and plants?

Below I've summarised the key benefits of implementing Moss Walls & Live Plant Walls across your organisation.

Here are 5 Benefits of Bringing Nature into your space:

Unique Branding Tool - Differentiate yourself:

Have you ever considered the power of Nature on your company image? Not only are you addressing sustainability, and staff retention, but being remembered by your Live Plant Wall design, or your Custom Moss Logo becomes a powerful marketing tool. The impact you have on the environment and your external market for adopting sustainable practices won’t go unnoticed. People do business with people who respect their beliefs. And we respect great companies, sustainability and their positive actions do we not?

Improved Staff Morale, Focus & Creativity:

A sustainable, energy efficient workplace can help your organisation to attract and retain talent. Being committed to stylish, comfortable and sustainable workplace design can give a competitive edge, and improve workers' perception of your organisation (for existing employees & new recruits).

Consider this - According to 'Human Space Report', staff in office environments surrounded by natural elements have been found to have a 15% higher level of well-being and 6% increase in productivity. Positive increase = Positive Impact. Morale & Revenue have a lot in common. Even brief glimpses of natural elements improve brain performance by providing a cognitive break from the complexities of urban life.

Ever wished your Research & Development team would yield the results you envision, wished your staff would go above and beyond, wished your people would make your company ‘go places’? If only…

Scientific Research proves that humans are made to interact with nature, and therefore staff creativity sees a significant increase when greenery is present.

If we stray too far from our inherited dependence on the natural world, we do so at our own peril
— Stephen Kellert, 'Birthright: People and Nature in the Modern World' (2012)


Addressing Sustainable Practices & Reducing your Carbon Footprint:

Sustainable workspaces are becoming more prominent. Investing in sustainability with live plant walls and moss designs benefits your organisation, your staff and your environment; it’s a win-win.

The increase in commercial output results in increased pollutants, having a massive impact on our well-being. The unique properties of moss and plant walls help to curb the presence of pollution in the air by neutralising its impact. Our Moss Walls have been scientifically proven to reduce 50% of odours in a space within 30 minutes.

Reduction of energy, as a result of temperature control (see next point), also reduces your demand for energy and environmental strain.

Temperature Control & Energy Reduction:

Plants and Moss have been proven to regulate temperature conditions, and reduce the effects of ‘urban heat island’ in cities. The presence of natural elements in a space reduces temperature by controlling sunlight and absorbing heat, which significantly reduce costs for air-conditioning. In today’s organisations where operational costs are ever increasing, we are often stuck for a solution. Plant Walls and Moss Walls are your answer. 

Sound Insulation:

Open plan work spaces, whilst great for collaboration, are a bane for noise. Noise significantly impacts the way we work, interact and concentrate. Significant reduction from the impact of noise, is among the combined benefits of adding nature to your space. The high acoustic properties of plants and moss walls provide acoustic control, minimising the noise disturbance in your space, resulting in increased productivity.

Nature - its a simple practice, yet not often performed. Become an industry leader for employment & satisfaction by including nature to your space. In turn, result the result will see a significant in your sales performance, and sales by referral and company image.

Make Nature a Normality - investing in 'green' design means investing in the sustenance of your people, your practice and your environment.

Contact us for a discussion the application of Moss Walls & Proven Live Plant Wall systems in your existing work space, or new project designs.