Case Study

The Moss Art Tree at Tokio Marine Insurance, Sydney, provides both functional & aesthetic benefits in their new Staff Breakout Area.

Here's how...

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The Project:
Tokio Marine Insurance - Moss Art Tree

The new breakout area for Tokio Marine's head office in Sydney needed a biophilic design - nature and outdoors were vital for the space. 

Creating a 'tree' with our zero-maintenance Moss Art was the perfect solution.

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The Process:
Standard Green Moss Art was carefully installed around plywood branches to create a modern-day version of a tree.

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SMI National_Moss Art_Standard Green.jpg

SMI Moss Art:
Moss Art is proven to purify the aircontrol sound and regulate temperatures; all crucial factors in an office environment.
Once our Moss Art is installed, there is no further maintenance required - yet it continues to look after your air and control sound in your space (plus spiders don't like Moss, so you will have no issues there either). 

Discover more about Moss Art here.

“We like to have real green in the kitchen. Lots of our staff say ‘’we feel like being at a relaxing café’’. Looking at natural stuff [Moss Art] during break and lunch time makes a difference.”
— Tomoko (Office Manager) - Tokio Marine


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