Google officially opened their new Melbourne office space on 5th July 2018. 

The space, known as 'The G', was designed by local design team - HotBlack Interior Design. 

In order to fully encompass a combination of strong branding, contemporary art, iconic landmarks and nature; the Tech Giant and HotBlack included a huge Custom Moss Art Feature Wall

The Custom Moss Art Feature Wall is a map of Melbourne, reflected by the varied green moss colours, and is linked back to the 'Google' branding with their all-famous logo. 

The Moss Art Feature Wall took approximately 2 weeks to complete, and since its installation has been a stunning icon for the new office space. 

Sydney Morning Herald have also sung the Moss Art Wall's praises in their recent article.

Read Full News Article  here

Read Full News Article here


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Each Moss Art Feature Wall is custom designed and hand-laid according to your requirements. 

You can select from a range of Moss Art colours to achieve a high impact branding solution.