Landscaping is a win–win proposition. Tidying and greening around your work place (and home), increases property value, is great for the environment and has been shown to improve your health!

  • Landscaping (i.e a Living Wall) achieves high-value returns (up to 109% Return-on-investment): A Michigan University study* found that homeowners achieved a 109 per cent return on every landscaping dollar spent – higher than any other home improvement. 
  • Good landscape design increases value: The same Michigan University research found good landscape design – as judged by plant type, size and design sophistication – increased perceived home value by 5–11 per cent. Living Walls are fully-established from Day 1 and give instant impact to the overall design. 
  • Add colour and form (crucial to the value-add)
    Add welcoming plants to entranceways, lift lobbys, reception areas (even the smallest areas can fit a Living Wall). Including a range of bright flowering species and lushious green leaves will give your space an immediate lift. 

Why Living Walls add instant value?

Living Walls are the cutting edge of design trends. They have been featured in (or outside) high-end hotels and restaurants, designer retail stores, exclusive clubs, basically any place looking for distinction; something that makes them stand out from their competitors. 

Studies have shown that by simply having plants in and around a building or home can increase real estate values by up to 20%.
— Michigan State University

A Living Wall is a unique way to add more greenery to your ‘interiorscape’ design or exterior landscaping plan and attract more people interested in purchasing your property.

Furthermore, it has been proven that by having greenery in retail shops, malls, restaurants, cafes, bars and other businesses, the number of patrons increases. Studies have also attributed significantly higher occupancy rates at hotels that incorporate gardens and plants compared to those without.


Image Credits: Global Living Wall Projects using the Proven Living Wall system; established in Europe by ANS Global.


A Green Wall is a great way to incorporate the greenery that people want - designs can be customised according to your preference. If people feel less stress and become more relaxed, they will end up staying longer in your establishment; whether that be your office or apartment development. 

In short, with 96 plants per m2, a Living Wall is a fast way to add instant value to a space, and can continue adding the same level of value for years to come (self-regulated irrigation, and the specialised plant module design keeps the plants healthy and ensures on-going longevity)


Photo Credit: KIMS Hospital London, using the ANS Living Wall System - SMI National are exclusive distributors of this system in Australia