Green Design is in high demand as the world begins to see the importance of biophilia on our workplace & lifestyle. 

Biophilia is defined as the desire of humans to interact with nature. 

Biophilic design, an extension of biophilia, incorporates natural materials, vegetation, nature views and other experiences of the natural world into the modern built environment. This is why Living Walls & Moss Art have been included in many projects to increase staff focus, patient health, and overall wellness of our population. 

Here are our Top 5 Projects that excel in Biophilic Green Design: 


Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, Canberra

Controlling sound, reducing air pollution, and regulating building temperature are all benefits of incorporating nature in a space - Biophilic design not only makes people happy, it also makes our bank accounts happy by reducing energy costs. 

SMINational_LivingWall_Ramsay HealthCare_St Leonards (5).png

Ramsay Healthcare, Northside Clinic, St. Leonards

Filling 25+ square metres of blank wall space, these 2 Living Walls create a tranquil atmosphere to help improve patient wellness and reduce their hospital treatment time.


Google Head Office - Melbourne

Custom Moss Art Map of Melbourne for Google’s new Head Office creates massive brand exposure and ensures the staff experience wellness through this natural zero-maintenence green design.

SMI National_Moss Art_Axiom_SydHQ

Axiom Workplaces Head Office - Sydney

Studies world-wide are proving that office spaces with greenery will experience better staff retention, improved staff focus and increased market perception. 

SMI_National__Moss Art_Tokio Marine_IMG_7318_reduced.JPG

Tokio Marine Insurance - Sydney

Moss Art helps to purify air and absorb sound which makes it the perfect addition for this Staff Breakout area. The modern 'twist' on this Tree design brings nature into the space without need for any water or maintenance - smart!

Our team is here to help you overcome the concrete jungle by transforming your space with custom Moss Art & Living Walls



Cover Image: LivingWall system in Trafalgar Square, London - using the globally-proven Living Wall system from ANS Global - SMI National are exclusive Australian distributors of the ANS Global system.