Northside Clinic Mental Health Facility

Size: 25 sqm Lead Time: 10 weeks

Living Wall - Ramsay 1.PNG

Client Background

Ramsay Health Care has been providing patient-centered care for years, and the Northside Clinic at St. Leonards is an extension of their vision for good patient health. 

The new multistorey facility at Northside Clinic is a purpose-built mental health facility with 112 single rooms, day services and on site consulting suites, replacing The Northside Clinic in Greenwich, which was the second hospital to open under Paul Ramsay in 1973.

Scope of Works

SMI National approached Northside Clinic CEO with a mission to help improve their patients' care and hospital care experience. 

2 Living Walls were requested for the Dining Space - an area where nature and peace would be needed for patient's requiring Mental Health support. 

Plants and Plant Wall designs were discussed with the Northside development team, prior to being grown offsite in the nursery at SMI National. Our Living Walls are 100% established from Day 1.

A combination of plant colours and species adds a wealth of vibrancy to the space, and gives the patients a touch of nature whilst experiencing optimal care in hospital.