Focus School, Hindhead Campus

Size: 1m² - 25m² sqm Lead Time: Less than 1 week

SMI National_Living_Plant_Wall_Education_Hindhead Campus_ANS Global_IMG_7951.jpg
SMI National_Living_Plant_Wall_Education_Hindhead Campus_ANS Global.jpg
SMI National_Living_Plant_Wall_Education_Hindhead Campus_ANS Global_IMG_7867_0.jpg

Client Background

Focus School Hindhead Campus is part of a global network of schools, and has clear goals to become a global leader in education within the next 3 years.  The ethos and values of Hindhead are the foundation on which the students work to achieve, supplemented by the talented and commited team of teachers who give the students the opportunity to reach their goals.

Installed by: ANS Global, an SMI National partner, using their globally-proven plant module system

Scope of Works

This Living Plant Wall system was donated to the school by ANS Global, using their globally-proven Plant module design, of which SMI National are the exclusive distributors in Australia.

Specialised Plant Modules were planted by two year groups from Hindhead Campus at the ANS Global nursery, as part of a school trip to learn about the importance of living walls and what they can do to benefit the environment.  This living wall was installed in the entrance area, giving students and staff alike the chance to enjoy their work of art.

Once the wall is more established, the students and teachers will be able to enjoy the wild strawberries growing on the living wall!