National Grid

Size: 300m² + Duration: 4 weeks

SMINational Plant Wall Sample.png

Client background: 

National Grid’s HQ is located on the outskirts of Warwick, within view of historic Warwick Castle, and it houses some 2,800 staff. This 24 hour site is critical to the power distribution infrastructure across the UK. National Grid’s commitment to sustainability meant that they wanted something extraordinary for their new car park; now finished, it has literally come alive!

Scope of works: 

Our global partner ANS was approached to help National Grid to fulfil the green ethos that the company seeks to embody. The living wall incorporates more than 97,000 plants and 20 different species including fruit bearing plants, including strawberries. These particular plants were selected to include predominantly native and wildlife-friendly species, the majority of which are evergreen in order to provide coverage all year round.  The living wall was designed to add both ecology and biodiversity to the area, but also it will flower and bloom, providing a pop of colour and variety with the seasons. ANS Global were delighted to have been part of this project which has won the Best New Car Park award.