MXA Consulting

Size: 8.5 sqm over 3 Living Wall Lead Time: 4 weeks

Acacia - MXA.jpeg

Client Background:

We thrive on the opportunity to deliver strategic outcomes that make a valuable impact. That’s why we are driven to design innovative, practical strategies that are specifically tailored for our clients, for you. We strive to make sure our business models and technology solutions serve, rather than restrict outcomes.

Our driven team gain an understanding of what matters to you and why. We include you in our process and remain focused on the big picture.

As a boutique agency, we are highly invested in your success. We can work with you, knowing why your challenges are unique, your project is specific and your outcomes are important.

Scope of Work:

Designed by Acacia Projects, MXA Consulting wanted a big impact when their staff and clients entered/exited the lift lobby. With a large Living Wall on the back wall, and two plant panels on either side as you walk into the light flooded main office. We really were successful with bringing a bit of nature indoors.

We regret to inform due to building regulations MXA were required to remove the 3 Living Walls. To keep the beautiful green in their office, MXA opted to add artificial panels. See Artificial Projects for more pictures.