Granta Park Carpark

Size: 300+ sqm Lead Time: 2 weeks

Granta_Park_Living Wall_UK_SMI National_ANS.jpg
Granta_Park_Living Wall_UK_SMI National_ANS3.jpg
Granta_Park_Living Wall_UK_SMI National_ANS2.jpg

Client Background

This large business park near Cambridge, United Kingdom, includes a three storey car park with living walls on the external facade.  Along with the other landscaping such as trees, the plants help disguise the building and make it blend in to the surroundings.

Installed by: ANS Global, an SMI National partner, using their globally-proven plant module system

Scope of Works

The Living Plant Wall system was installed ANS Global, using their globally-proven Plant module design, of which SMI National are the exclusive distributors in Australia.
ANS Global designed these living walls with suitable plants for the local environment as well as planting and installing them.