Crystal Cruises, Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

Size: 25m² - 150m² sqm Lead Time: 1 week

SMI National_Crystal Cruises Plant Wall.jpg

Client Background

Crystal’s clients spend thousands of pounds on their cruises. They’re treated to every luxury and visit far-flung, exciting and exotic locations.

Installed by: ANS Global, an SMI National partner, using their globally-proven plant module system

Scope of Works

This Living Plant Wall system was installed by ANS Global, using their globally-proven Plant module design, of which SMI National are the exclusive distributors in Australia.

These living walls are more than just a beautiful reminder of land when far out at sea; the plant walls were skillfully designed to create a world map, with continents and countries defined, so that the captain can point out to the passengers exactly where they are at any given moment and where they are headed.