Axiom Head Office

Size: 8.4 sqm Lead Time: 1 week

SMI National_Axiom_SydHQ_13.jpg

Client Background

Axiom has over 25 years’ experience in workplace transformation, designing and implementing commercial office environments across diverse market sectors.  They put creativity at the heart of their philosophy; which is why including SMI Moss in their new Head Office was important.

They understand how important a workplace environment is to the success of a business and its people, so they integrated Moss as creative office greenery, with the added benefit of zero-maintenance.

Moss Colour: Standard Green

Scope of Works

Axiom Workplaces approached us with a brief to create a Moss Art feature wall, based on on their new Head Office Conceptual Drawings. The SMI Moss Wall was to be custom designed to run neatly along side the boardroom window, and provide a creative addition of greenery to the new office space. 

The preserved moss is visible on entry to the Head Office, and is an excellent addition to the client waiting area. The Moss Art feature allowed for signage to be installed over the top, which acts as a creative branding tool.