eftpos Head Office

Size: 25 moss panels (approx 4.2 sqm) Lead Time: 1 week

Eftpos_Moss Wall_Project.jpg

Client Background

Eftpos team was accustomed to working in a flexible environment but had lost so much of their collaboration, that they were desperate to regain this physical connection. The application of Moss serves to tie it all back together; as the presence of nature has been proven to increase people’s focus and unity. At SMI National, we are proud that the Moss inspires people, makes them feel at home with nature, and adds many benefits to the space.

Moss Colour: Standard Green

Scope of Works

Axiom Workplaces’ client, eftpos, wanted to incorporate nature into their new Head Office space in a way that would represent a focus on sustainability, serve to inspire their team, act as a unique branding tool, but also be self-sufficient meaning it didn’t need to maintained.

Our Moss was an answer to the entire eftpos brief: It doesn’t need to be maintained, doesn’t need any form of lighting or water and it is certainly a unique addition to the space.