In a move towards increasing employee morale, we explored how we could help our white-collar staff match the job satisfaction enjoyed by blue-collar workers. Working outdoors, in a natural environment surrounded by sunlight was suspected as being a key contributor to this trend, so we worked towards bringing the outdoors back inside the office.

Our plant wall displays (pictured) led the way. Despite, our greenery being artificial, the foliage creates a better sense of outdoor open space, potentially reducing the impact of extended hours spent inside the office. To make it possible, we teamed up with SMI National, who found the perfect blend of greenery to fit the task. They understood the challenge and worked hard to tackle the problem head-on. The work speaks for itself.

It may be early, but the signs are promising; employees are more interactive with their surroundings and are increasing their productivity during time spent at the office. If it continues to improve, it may prove the next key trend in the construction industry, especially as occupational health and safety becomes an increasing concern.

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