Each Living Wall system varies, and we are proud that our patented system has a distinct point-of-difference. 

Unlike any other system, the Plant Modules (individual units where the plants are inserted) are designed to move according to plant root growth. This specialised design ensures that our Living Wall system remains healthy and lasts for a long time. 

We like to understand the motive behind each Living Wall investment. It's our passion for a 'greener future' that allows our team to invest a lot of knowledge and design recommendations into your project. 

LivingWall design stage.jpg

Design Development:
Once consulted for a project, we begin the concept renders, shop drawings and other detailed documentations specific for the Living Wall.



SMI National_Plant Propagation Process

Plant Selection & Propagation:
Each plant in the Living Wall serves a purpose, and is selected from a range options to suit both design concept and functional benefits for the project.
Plants are carefully hand-laid into specialised modules, where they will begin a lifetime journey. 
The Propagation period (Plant Growth Phase) takes approximately 8-10 weeks. During this time, the plants are monitored carefully to maintain healthy development. 

SMI National Living Wall Preparation



Site Preparation:
Whilst plants continue the final weeks of their offsite establishment, our team prepares everything for the Installation onsite. Final site checks are completed. 


SMI Living Wall_Coverite_20180118_155635.jpg


Onsite Installation:
Once 100% established, the Plants are transported to site in the modules and installed to the prepared wall battens. Irrigation pipework is connected to the Living Wall System and the self-watering Irrigation Controller is programmed.



What then:
Enjoy! Our aim at SMI National is to provide a Living Wall system that is easy for you, and provides incredible return-on-investment. Partnering with all parties throughout each stage, ensures a smooth project and a flourishing outcome. 
Experience how a Living Wall benefits you with cleaner air, happier people and a better world.