Air Pollution is the world's single largest health risk; with limited solutions to address it.

On a smaller scale there are standard old air filters trying to address the issue of harmful air particles, but don't you wish they could look a little more creative and cool?
Maybe that's why you don't own one; standard air filters aren't overly good looking.

Here is a new air pollution filter solution we love, and so does everyone else...

Our Preserved 100% Natural Moss gives you the best in interior design as well reducing presence of air pollution.

SMI National_Moss Art

How? The neutral state of the moss causes it to adsorb harmful air particles, which results in cleaner air surrounding the space.
Through a constant cycle of absorption from the moss and release of ambient moisture, airborne particles are removed.

Better still; SMI Moss Art can be custom designed in many ways, from green moss walls, moss trees, and climbing moss panels...the design options are endless. 

You may have heard about the CityGreen Moss Trees assisting with air pollution outside, but better still, our Moss addresses the pollution from inside, which is where we spend most of our working life.

If you are looking for a solution to create a healthier office space, engage staff and increase wellness, along with introducing elements of creative green design, then consider Moss Art.

Our Moss also absorbs dust particles and deters spiders and bugs - if you are a hay-fever suffer, then this super cool plant could be ideal for your space. 

To request Technical Details or more info on Moss, you can contact us here.